Minimize Fall Allergy Misery at Home in Aberdeen MD and Beyond

We all know how miserable fall allergies can be. In fact, thousands of Americans deal with the pollen, dust, mold, and more that are all too common when the season begins to turn.

But there is something you can do about it… and it starts at home.

What’s the Best Way to Help with Allergies at Home?

Aside from vacuuming regularly and keeping a cleaner household, a great way to reduce allergies and help minimize the triggers that set your allergies off involves sealing your air ducts. This can be done in a variety of ways including HVAC tape, a mastic sealant, or by contacting a company that specializes in ductwork sealing in Aberdeen, Maryland and surrounding areas. Using HVAC tape or mastic sealant on your own can be effective, but only if you have leaks that are within arm’s reach. If you have leaks that are in the far reaches of your ductwork system, as is the case for many homeowners, then using a professional company is your best bet.

Aeroseal can Help Control your Allergies

By sealing your ductwork with experts like those at All Cozy Homes, you can take control of your environment on the home front. We use a process called Aeroseal. It is a technology that pressurizes your ductwork once all the air ducts and registers have been sealed off. This allows it to detect where all of the leaks are, while also providing a glimpse at how well your ductwork performs (keeping the warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer flowing exactly where you want it throughout your home).

Once the leaks have been identified, Aeroseal technicians will begin distributing their patented sealant formula throughout the ductwork system. Using only as much as needed, ensuring every single leak, crack, and hole will be sealed up with maximum efficiency, leaving virtually no waste behind.

The difference? Well, you tell us… for starters, you’ll breathe easier not to mention you’ll save on utility bills since the air you pay to heat or cool stays warm or cool and goes to the right places.

That’s a win-win. But find out for yourself if duct sealing is right for you. Contact the pros at All Cozy Homes today for a Home Energy Audit. We may just help you take a huge sigh of relief and breathe easier this fall and for seasons to come.